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Any forward-thinking business should be concerned with keeping their workers happy and keeping them within the business. Retaining your best employees is vital to maintaining a good staff culture, keeping morale up, and ensuring that your company’s goals are moved towards increasing productivity.

At Your Business Buddy, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best strategies for employee retention, recruitment and performance management that they can get: techniques businesses can use to keep their staff happy, willing to continue work and ready to help your organisation serve its customers in the best manner possible. We cover topics such as how to increase productivity, through a holistic approach to recruitment and retention. You and your key management personnel will learn the recruitment and selection strategies of some of the world’s most successful organisations, including the recruitment shortlisting process. You will build your own custom employee retention strategies based on tried and tested principles. You’ll also learn how to motivate staff, and which business improvement tools you should focus on.

When you register with Your Business Buddy, you’ll receive a free Leading Winning Teams online DVD product which would normally cost you $197. This DVD will lay the groundwork for improving productivity, maintaining a positive work environment, and keeping your employees safely within your company into the future.