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How to make your meetings NOT Suck... Tips from Steve Jobs

Julie Faddoul - Friday, May 03, 2013

If you’re like me, then chances are you hate crappy meetings. In a world where businesses are having meetings about meetings, it’s little wonder that companies are losing the engagement they once enjoyed from their team.

Meetings often consist of managers throwing information AT their team, some guy in accounts points at a bunch of flow charts and everybody else stares at the clock and pretends to listen. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why staff simply aren't challenged or engaged when the most challenging part of the meeting is trying to stay awake!

If you’ve been in business for longer than a week, you’ve probably found yourself sitting in a meeting like this, or worse still, running a meeting like this!

When you calculate the real ‘cost’ of your meeting i.e;

  • The number of staff who attend the meeting
  • Their actual cost per hour
  • The productivity lost while they attend the meeting

It’s worth taking some time to find a better strategy. With some words of wisdom from Steve Jobs, you can turn meetings that suck into highly productive, engaging meetings.

No matter how big your business is – treat it as a START-UP!

This is a start up rule that all businesses regardless of size should apply. The main reason for this is that start-ups have no established hierarchies and everybody can go directly to top management when a problem arises. Steve Jobs considered Apple as the world’s largest start-up in that his company did not have committees and communication lines were constantly kept open.

So, instead of having a meeting every five minutes with different people and departments, he would run ONE meeting with every department head and staff member in attendance.

This approach promotes synergy, accountability and ensures collaboration.

By running meetings the Jobs way,

  • You can eliminate unnecessary meetings and as a result productivity will soar
  • Everybody will be on the same page as far as the company’s direction is concerned.
  • Instructions won't get ‘lost in translation’ - a direct line produces the clearest result
  • Staff morale will soar with the occasional pat on the back for a job well done
  • Everyone becomes personally accountable as they can't hide behind bosses and colleagues
  • Increases transparency and eliminates ‘bad apples’ from manipulating the system.

I know what you’re thinking…
“That all sounds great, but HOW do I run my meetings to get the best results?”

Well, ‘Your Business Buddy’ has a bullet – proof strategy to help you run the most effective meetings with your team and I want to share it with you!

‘Your Business Buddy’ Bullet proof Meeting Strategy:
This strategy Boosts Productivity by 60% in Only 25 Minutes a Day!!

This strategy has been proven to boost productivity and performance in your team by 60%. Even more amazing, it creates a positive ripple effect on the entire company that applies it.

  • For instance, it also grows sales.
  • It improves customer service.
  • It promotes punctuality.
  • It fosters creativity.
  • It builds trust, friendships, and camaraderie in the company.

So what’s the secret?

It is what I call the Morning Power Session.

And it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tried.

Let me explain…

Every morning, you gather ALL your staff together. If you have a lot of staff, break them down into a couple of groups.

Then you ask each person to tell one ‘good news’ work story from the day before that made them feel good that the whole team can celebrate.

Maybe your salesperson closed a deal yesterday they’d been working on. Maybe your receptionist received a thank-you email from a customer. Or maybe your IT guy solved a technical problem that’s bugged them for days.

Whatever it is, your staff can take turns to share anything great that happened at work the day before.

After the ‘good news’ work stories, each person then shares one specific problem or challenge they had at work the day before that stopped them reaching their goals, I call this a ‘sticking point’, and you or anybody else helps them come up with suggestions on how to fix those problems.

Finally, each person concludes with what they are going to work on that day and the goals they want to accomplish by the end of the day, and they commit to this in front of the WHOLE team.

This is SO powerful because often performance discussions are secret closed-door meetings, this quick Morning Power Session brings everything out in the open and gets the team connected and accountable to their peers.

Believe it or not, all this takes only 15 minutes.

So the pace is fast.

And it works like a charm.

Employees love it. Because it helps everyone in the company get to know each other and connect more deeply.

In fact, after this Morning Power Session, you’ll often see:

  • A mood lift in the office.
  • Energy skyrockets.
  • Momentum picks up.
  • People smile.
  • The team becomes focused.

Almost like magic, they become more productive!

When I first implemented this in the business I was so impressed with all the results.

But I wasn’t satisfied!

I wanted even more from my team, the old saying is true, ‘what you measure improves’.

So I combined the Morning Power Session with a ‘progress check’ in the afternoon to keep my staff 110% accountable.

So again, at the end of the day we’d all meet, this time only for 10 minutes, and they’d report back to the whole team about what they achieved that day.

Since most people don’t like to be seen as inefficient especially in front of their work mates… and since they know they’re going to report back to the group in the afternoon, the team tries their very best to complete their tasks and the goals they set in the morning.

It’s truly amazing.

And yet so, so simple!

Try it yourself in your company. It can instantly boost your team’s productivity by 60% - just like it’s done for mine many times.By simplifying one of the most mundane tasks of business, you can also make communication lines clearer, boost employee morale, increase overall productivity, and make your company more efficient.

Your Business Buddy,
Julie Faddoul

If you’d like more detailed information on how to implement the full Morning Power Session in your company click on the link: 'Your Business Buddy'

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