About us

For over 10 years, Julie has worked closely with CEO’s, Blue Chip Companies, Entrepreneurs and business owners. She has a deep understanding of the systems and processes needed to scale any business from a chaotic start up right through to a profitable, streamlined, fast growing company.

Based on her years of experience and expertise, Julie founded Your Business Buddy. Your Business Buddy is an online business platform that offers ready-to-use systems and growth strategies for small to medium sized businesses.

These systems and strategies are modeled from the world’s fastest growing companies. They are PROVEN and GUARANTEED to produce RESULTS.

What’s more, these systems and business-building strategies are easy to implement. Because they come in the form of checklists and templates that you can implement into your business RIGHT AWAY. And you can see high impact results -- FAST.

In addition, 'Your Business Buddy' also runs Business Events, bringing the expertise of world class thought leaders and change makers together to inspire and educate Australian business owners in their business.

Your Business Buddy packages look after the things that can often get small business owners trapped in the details so that you can get back to working ON your business and not IN your business.

At 'Your Business Buddy' we have one fundamental rule: To help every business owner get back to building the vision they originally had for their business and to spend more time doing what they love and less time getting bogged down in people management, systems and processes.

How We Help Businesses

'Your Business Buddy' is passionate about supporting small to medium sized businesses to achieve their business objectives, through perfecting their people strategies. 'Your Business Buddy' resources assist organisations achieve results by accelerating the recruitment processs and the performance development of their people. We want to make sure that you are getting value and high productivity for your recruitment and staffing dollars.

We believe all top-performing organisations all have one thing in common: motivated individuals who are connected to a clear strategic vision and prepared to achieve. By following the simple processes in 'Your Business Buddy' resources you can easily and quickly begin to create this powerful dynamic in your organisation. We can help you execute a powerful recruitment strategy; identify gaps in the current skills, attitudes, and behaviors of your employees; and implement performance management and retention strategies that closes those gaps and propels you towards your business goals by getting results through your people.

  • Organisations choose us as a performance improvement partner because we challenge their thinking and apply an approach that achieves measurable and fast results.
  • We have created a sustainable business by growing talented people who have fun achieving challenging goals.
  • We are known and respected in our business community.
  • We are positive, proud and passionate about modelling all that we recommend.
  • Our clients consistently experience outstanding defining moments with us.