Julie's passion and love for inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs has led her to working with serial entrepreneur, Creel Price through Club Kidpreneur Foundation. For every business package purchased through 'Your Business Buddy' we provide the resources, support and tools to foster one kidpreneur to start their own micro business and begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Julie believes that every child, regardless of their upbringing and circumstances should have access to quality education to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit and how they can empower their lives through business and supports Club Kidpreneur in their mission to achieve this.


The Club Kidpreneur Foundation is a social enterprise with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurial thinking in primary age (8-12 year old) children. We are committed to inspiring, teaching and supporting kids to start and grow their own micro-enterprises, so that one day they may choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Our enthusiastic team are developing and delivering programs that will help the next generation build unique interpersonal skills, critical thinking and financial literacy as they simultaneously become more entrepreneurial and socially conscious.

We imagine a world where kids:

  • Use their own creativity and initiative to start their own enterprises to do good in the community
  • Can experiment with business and experience both success and challenges at a younger age
  • Realise that entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive difference in the world
  • Who aren't talented academically, artistically and on the sporting field have another avenue to express themselves
  • Interested in business can gain exposure to a community of like-minded friends and mentors
  • Feel in control of their future by considering a career in entrepreneurship

Through our programs, Club Kidpreneur have already successfully delivered 45 Ready-Set-Go programs & 3 camps in Sydney and Brisbane, giving more than 500 children the unique opportunity to run their own micro-businesses.

Aaron Willis participated in the Club Kidpreneur Ready-Set-Go of Business program mid 2011. At the time he was suffering from severe depression and extremely low self-esteem. 12 months on His business "Awesome Dogs" is thriving and his time at Club Kidprreneur is having a positive impact in other areas of life. He was unable to speak in public, but he is now representing his school and able to speak to large audiences.

"I know with some hard work, goals and focus I can achieve anything and really succeed in my business. I'm only twelve years old and already I have made more money than an average child my age makes in a year in two market days" Aaron Willis

"The amount of support and valuable life and business skills he has learnt are immeasurable. He has had a complete transformation with a very strong business interest and a much better self-esteem." Aaron's Mum - Amy Willis

Club Kidpreneur is a not for profit social enterprise. The Foundation is only able to spread it's powerful message thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers like 'Your Business Buddy'. We would love your support too! To find out how you can get involved and to make a donation:
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