Discover How To Get More From What You Already Have And How To Boost Staff Morale Quickly


If you're finally ready to stop struggling and enjoy the business success you deserve, then I have some GOOD NEWS for you.

Allow me to explain…

As business owners we've been hit pretty hard over the last couple of years. Businesses are cutting back on hiring and holding off on costly initiatives required to sustain business growth… and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which way the economy is headed.

Despite all this, some businesses are not only surviving... they are THRIVING. They're growing fast (and profitably) even in the current economy. That's because they know…

The Secret To Succeeding In Today's Tough Economy

Put simply…

…implementing staff retention strategies and getting greater results from existing staff is perhaps the most important skill you can possess in the years to come.

99% of success or failure in your business will come directly from your staff retention ability, i.e. the ability to attract and keep the best staff and not lose them to the competition.

When you think about it, in a tough economy it's vital that you get everything you can out of what you've already got.

And that means maximising output from every single staffing dollar you spend. The problem is that managing staff for maximum productivity isn't always easy or straightforward…

…unless you know how to go about improving staff morale.

That’s where I come in…

Why I Can Help You Succeed And Boost Employee Productivity Quickly

My name is Julie Faddoul, the founder and principal of “Your Business Buddy”.

For over 10 years, I have worked closely with CEOs, blue chip companies, entrepreneurs and business owners. I have a deep understanding of the systems and processes needed to scale any business from a chaotic start up right through to a profitable, streamlined, fast growing company.

Based on those years of experience and expertise, I founded “Your Business Buddy”. This is an online business platform that offers ready-to-use systems and growth strategies for small to medium sized businesses.

These systems and strategies are modelled from Australia’s fastest growing companies.

They are PROVEN and GUARANTEED to produce RESULTS.

What’s more, these systems and business-building ideas for how to boost staff morale are easy to implement.

Because they come in the form of checklists and templates that you can implement into your business RIGHT AWAY. And you can see high impact results -- FAST.

Especially with these…

Four Familiar And Urgent Challenges
For Business Owners - Which Do You
Want To Overcome?

Here are probably the BIGGEST obstacles to success
facing the typical business owner…

Business Challenge #1: Poor Growth
With increasing cost pressures and intense competition, it’s not enough to simply stand still. Growing revenues is ESSENTIAL if you want to stay in business.

Business Challenge #2: Leadership
Poor leadership causes a host of business problems such as poor staff retention and low productivity. But most business owners and managers lack the skills and resources to be effective leaders.

Business Challenge #3: People Management and How to Improve Low Staff Morale
Staff are one of the biggest expenses for most businesses. Yet, few businesses know how to recruit the right staff, manage them effectively for peak performance and keep hold of the top performers through effective staff retention strategies. Learning how to motivate staff and how to keep the right people will revolutionise the way you do business.

Business Challenge #4: Effective Staff Training
Let’s face it, we all know that proper staff training is essential but few businesses make the time or even know where to start. We throw staff into the deep end, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

As a result, your staff don’t develop and grow and you fail to get the best performance from them or boost staff morale quickly… meaning you miss out on potential revenue growth and profits.

The GOOD NEWS is that I can help you fix these problems and more…

Small business owners need results NOW. We don’t have the luxury of spending months on lengthy training and waiting for results.

That’s why I’ve developed the “Your Business Buddy” Members Club to give you exclusive access to TESTED and PROVEN step-by-step staff retention strategies to propel you forward to the business success you desire.

These are the same type of business systems used by Australia’s FASTEST growing companies to achieve extraordinary results. You’ll discover how to…

  • Boost productivity by 60% in only 25 minutes a day
  • Drive productivity up by a whopping 400% using one simple tool
  • Attract the most talented, highly motivated employees to the team through use of staff retention templates
  • How to motivate staff, keep them accountable and maximise business operations
  • Dominate your Industry and become a leader in your niche
  • Attract more high paying clients into your business

…and much, much more.

And it all starts with...

30 Day - Fast Track Plan To Success

Straight away you’ll get the special “Your Business Buddy” Fast Track plan with easy-to-follow strategies to turn your business around… immediately!

This ready-to-implement daily action plan is designed to turn your business and your team around….bring in hundreds of new clients and customers, help you position yourself to be miles ahead of your competitors AND will begin to turn your business around in 30 days or less.

Many people go to business seminars and get LOTS of information. They get excited but a week after getting back to work the resources they were so excited about end up collecting dust on the shelf.

“Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club is DIFFERENT.

You get bite size manageable staff retention resources that you can implement step by step, week by week into your business. This is the winning formula…bite size chunks that are easy to action!

These are EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT strategies and staff retention resources for your business that will FAST TRACK growth.

Once you have access to the best staff retention strategies that are EASY to implement in your business you will produce results FAST...probably faster than you ever thought possible.

And this is just the beginning…

The Secrets Of The Most Admired,
Fastest Growing Companies Can Be Yours…

Here’s a taste of what you’ll enjoy as a member of the
“Your Business Buddy” Members Club…

  • 30 Day Business Turnaround Program – Quickly learn how to dominate Your Niche – Strategies to Position Your Business as the Recognised Leader in Your Industry.
  • 1 Year worth of staff training sessions – Powerhouse training sessions to use with your team sessions mapped out for you, so you can lead HIGH IMPACT staff meetings and sessions. A manager’s guide to powerful team training sessions that will fast track your team’s development.
  • Bite Size Business Boosters – To explode productivity and boost staff morale quickly in your team.. Get more done with less.. INSTANTLY.
  • People Management – with a fast business growth focus. 9 top techniques to keep your employees accountable. Improves your business operations and employ low staff morale strategies too.
  • Multiply Your Business by Outsourcing – Your Business can GREATLY benefit from effective outsourcing. How to Outsource and Hire Virtual staff to Grow Your Business Faster.
  • Hot Articles and EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW SERIES– “How to” Business Secrets from Successful Aussie Business Owners – For exam a feature on the BRW Young Rich Listers – Discover the business secrets of young entrepreneurs who are worth MILLIONS.
  • FREE Best Selling Business Book ‘Snap Shots’ – These bite size ‘snap shots’ make reading the business books you’ve been “planning” to read made enjoyable!
  • ATTRACT and RETAIN Super Star employees. As a business owner, we both know the value of superstars. They’re productive. They don’t need supervision. They work hard and they’re focused. They’re leaders and often inspire others. Most important, they’re loyal. Bottom line: superstars are NEEDED for a business to grow, expand and succeed, and our staff retention templates can keep them in your company.
  • RECRUITMENT - including all ready-to-use resources to DIY (effectively) that you can implement easily to ensure you attract the most talented, highly motivated employees – for any position.
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Solutions for Performance Management. Leverage each working hour for maximum results with their team.
  • STAFF RETENTION - STOP LOSING TOP PERFORMERS to the competition. Learn the best staff retention strategies and stop losing your TOP performers to your competition.
  • Attract more high paying clients to your business – the right kind of valuable clients that are a pleasure to do business with.
  • ACCESS to templates - As a “Your Business Buddy” Club member you’ll get access to turnkey and staff retention templates available at your fingertips when you need it.
  • Performance management. A simple tool that can boost productivity by 460%. Proven to work even for a semi-government department … and for senior employees who have been doing their jobs the same way for 17 years.
  • Triple your sales with the most advanced sales training and staff development training available today.
  • Secrets of outstanding customer service – Create WOW moments with your clients and increase revenue through cutting edge referral marketing strategies.
  • Staff development – easy to implement staff retention tools and sessions with your team. Low staff morale strategies and sessions to keep your team CONTINOUSLY improving their value to your business. Training session topics and a delivery format to ensure 100% engagement and participation for every session.
  • BOOST staff morale quickly and create engagement, create a team that is proactive in their development and are constantly getting better and better.
  • The proven system that will automatically have your staff taking the daily action needed to meet your business goals.

…and much, much more.

With these business secrets, proven systems and strategies at
your command, you’ll have the power to transform your business.

One Dollar Coin image

Get On The Fast Track
To Success… For Just $1

Now, you might think an exclusive, high-level business success program like this would be expensive.

After all, when you think about it, the secrets you’ll discover as a member of “Your Business Buddy” Club could easily bring in tens of thousands of dollars EXTRA every single month.

And these very same business systems have been used by some of Australia’s FASTEST growing companies to bring in multi-million dollar revenues, over TEN MILLION DOLLARS a year in some cases.

But the GOOD NEWS is that you can get started TODAY for JUST $1…

…and after the first month the regular monthly subscription is JUST $47 a month.

And there is no long term contract. You can cancel at any time…
you even get to keep all the bonuses received and continue to use
all the profitable business systems you’ve discovered.

And because you access “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club ONLINE you can get access to all these business building secrets and strategies straight away, delivered to your inbox!

There is no waiting.

It’s easy to get started, just click on the following link…

Why such an extraordinary low investment for the outstanding value?

Two reasons…

1) Firstly, I appreciate that you may have been disappointed in the past with business programs that promised a lot and then failed to deliver. So, I want to make it easy for you to see for yourself exactly what’s on offer in the “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club without having to risk a thing!

2) Secondly, I’m a big believer in lasting business relationships. When you see what’s on offer here I’m betting that you’ll see your membership adding SO MUCH VALUE in your business and you’ll want to keep that membership because you’re making so much more in your business.

In the unlikely event that you decide “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club is not for you, simply get in touch and we’ll cancel your membership. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings.

You even get to keep these amazing FREE Bonuses…

(Total Value $3,931)


  • Accelerate Performance - Align your team's activities to your Business needs
  • How to Gain Street Cred & Become an Expert in your Industry
  • Become an Industry leader - Out shine, Out Manoeuvre and Out Hustle Your Competition
  • How to convert Referrals & Testimonials into more REVENUE
  • How to INSTANTLY Boost Staff Morale Quickly and Create Engagement in your Team
  • How to Connect With The Key Movers and Shakers in your Industry
  • A Bullet Proof Marketing Campaign Template – That SELLS
  • Powerful strategies to increase conversion rates – Works every time
  • The art of Networking - Effective Schmoozing – Meet, Mingle & Mesh
  • The magnetic 'ingredient' to 'WOWING' Customers
  • Collabradabra.. The Magic of Collaborating with Staff
  • Staff Surveys – Stop losing GREAT staff to the Competition

Whether you're business is large or a small, or even if you're a one-man band, you can greatly benefit from outsourcing. It's a great way to save time and money. Unlike hiring an employee, you don't need to pay superannuation or holiday pay to a contractor you outsource to, and there's no sick leave, annual leave, or office equipment costs.

In this pack you'll discover…

  • What you must look out for when outsourcing work
  • What sort of tasks get great results through outsourcing
  • Where to find rock star outsources that produce great results
  • And how to hire the right outsourcing contractor and best rates
  • The 5 biggest reasons why you MUST embrace Outsourcing. Neglect these and you may very well find yourself out of business by 2015
  • How to double your productivity through effective Outsourcing… and how to achieve this in as little as 30 days
  • The flip side or "dangers" of Outsourcing. I'll explain all the challenges in outsourcing and how to avoid them easily
  • How to hire outsourcers and a full-time Virtual Assistant (VA). That's around $3 per hour! Follow this step by step system to quickly and easily add value to your business.

…and much more (including a simple "tick the box" checklist system which gives you confidence that you have selected the right outsourcer).

Deliver an adrenaline shot to your staff with these PROVEN productivity boosters. You’ll think you have a whole new team in place!

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen! These Business Boosters have been proven to boost employee productivity quickly and raise performance in teams by 60%. Even more amazing, it creates a positive ripple effect on the entire company that applies it.

For instance:

  • It also grows sales.
  • It improves customer service.
  • It promotes punctuality.
  • It fosters creativity and collaboration.
  • It builds trust, promotes synergy and camaraderie in the company.

We know you’re busy, so the best part is, all this takes only 15 minutes to apply daily. After implementing these powerhouse Business Boosters you’ll often see a mood lift in the office. Energy skyrockets. Momentum picks up. People smile. The team becomes focused.

And almost like magic, they become more productive!

We all know about amazing business books that uncover golden nuggets of information that can turn your business around. But the sad truth is only a small number of people actually read them. That’s because they are 250 - 450 pages long.
But what if you could read each book in under 20 minutes? Well now you can!

As part of your memberships gifts you’ll get 5 of the best-selling business books of all-time summarised for your convenience into just 8-12 pages!

Become a better leader, DAILY... in the same time it takes you to drink your morning coffee!

For Starters You’ll get: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, Good To Great by Jim Collins, Jack Welch (Jack Welch On Leadership) , The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Purple Cow by Seth Godin and many, many more…

Each book summarised to 8-12 pages (Value $245)

… These are all BUSINESSS CLASSICS that will reward you handsomely.

Remember… As a business owner or manager, you’re in a leadership position. Gain inspiration and insight from the great business leaders of our time with these short and powerful book summaries.

Whether it’s a top performing team that wants to go to the next level…

  • …a reliable team that needs rejuvenating…
  • …or a crisis that demands URGENT action…
  • …this program will transform any group.


  • Little known secrets for hiring superstar employees.
    Hint: don’t give them a pay rise
  • How to boost morale more than ever before. This just takes 15 minutes a day!
  • The secret to boost employee productivity quickly by 460%

You’ll be amazed at the difference, even if you thought you would have to fire people and make wholesale changes.

And YES, you’ll get these FREE GIFT BONUSES, value $3,931, when you join…

Now at this point, you need to be clear about something…

Frankly, not everybody is cut out to be a member of this special business club. I am going to reveal to you the latest strategies for people management and business growth so that you’re on the FAST TRACK to serious business growth.

I’ll teach you how to use them to your advantage to EXPLODE Productivity in your team and GROW your business… cheaper… easier and faster than ever before. This program is not for the faint hearted. This Club is for serious Business Buddies that are willing to do whatever it takes.

To generate SERIOUS results from this program, you need to take it seriously. Being part of this exclusive Business Club will accelerate your business results through developing your team and shifting the focus to GROWTH.

By implementing these breakthrough techniques, you will significantly increase the rate of development in your team and therefore the value they can bring to your company.

As a result the system will propel you towards your business goals. But like I always say, you have to...TAKE ACTION!!

Minimal Risk For Virtually Unlimited Returns

Remember, you can test-drive the “Your Business Buddy” Members Club for just a single dollar!

You most likely spend more than that every day on morning coffee or tea. And yet for this MINIMAL investment, you could get virtually an UNLIMITED return.

Just one of these easy-to-use ideas or strategies could be the key to making tens, even hundreds, of thousands of EXTRA dollars in your business.

And there are DOZENS of these easy-to-use strategies you can take advantage of. After the first month the regular monthly subscription is JUST $47 a month.

There is no long term contract. You can cancel at any time…you even get to keep all the bonuses received and continue to use all the profitable business systems you’ve discovered.

If you want to take control of the future of your business, simply click on the following link…

We’ve covered a lot of ground together, so let’s recap…

7 Reasons To Join the
“Your Business Buddy”
Members Club TODAY

  • REASON #1: It’s just $1 to get started with your special trial membership
  • REASON #2: You get the secrets used by the FASTEST growing companies
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  • REASON #3: In today’s economy it’s VITAL you know how to get everything you can out of what you already have
  • REASON #4: You get 5 special FREE GIFT BONUSES (value $3,931)
  • REASON #5: You get “bite size” chunks that are EASY to apply in your business
  • REASON #6: A LOW monthly investment of just $47 and you can cancel
    at any time
  • REASON #7: Dozens of practical, PROVEN strategies and staff retention resources you can put to work straight away

Remember, the sooner you take advantage of this special invitation,
the sooner you’ll be enjoying the benefits in your business of
higher staff productivity and faster growth.

Now It’s Up To You…

In this special invitation…

1. You’ve discovered how the key to business success in today’s economy is to MAXIMISE your staff productivity and get everything you can out of what you’ve already got

2. You’ve discovered how “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club makes it easy for you to succeed with bite-size strategies, just like those used by Australia’s fastest growing companies

3. You’ve been invited to a special Test Drive of “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club for just $1

Now, it’s up to you.

Of course, you might decide to pass up this special invitation…

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But before you do that consider this…

Over the last year, have you enjoyed the business results you planned for? If not, what strategies do you have in place to guarantee that things are different this year?

Remember, the current business environment is not set to get an easier.

Let ‘Your Business Buddy’ Member’s Club help you shift gears and give you all the staff retention resources you’ll need to thrive in your business and not get left behind. If you continue to do the same thing you’ll get the same old results and you’ll……

You’ll continue to do work harder not smarter…because you won’t know how to boost business growth and boost employee productivity quickly in your team

You’ll continue to get average results from unmotivated staff that could be working up to 3 times harder in your business

You’ll miss out on learning cutting edge staff retention strategies that will help you create a Super star team and make running your business faster, easier and more profitable

And this situation will only get worse….

It’s time for you to step up and take control of the future of your business. Create a smarter, leaner and super profitable team.

When you join “Your Business Buddy” Member’s club, you’ll have TESTED and PROVEN success strategies for your team and business.

Get a Buddy in your corner to help you get your revenue sky-rocketing with less work. All by using these FAST GROWTH business strategies to propel you towards your business goals.

If you’re serious about getting better results in your business,
it should be an easy decision.

It’s your time.

Julie Faddoul
Your Business Buddy

P.S. Remember, you start to get 5 FREE GIFT BONUSES worth $3,931 as soon as you activate your $1 “Your Business Buddy” Member’s Club trial membership. PLUS you get INSTANT ACCESS to FAST GROWTH business and People Management strategies that will transform your business success. There’s not a moment to lose…the sooner you activate your trial membership, the sooner you can start increasing revenue in your business…

I understand that I will begin to receive my 5 FREE BONUSES
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Following this, my monthly membership will automatically
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I also understand there are no refunds and no ongoing
commitments and I can cancel my subscription
by clicking 'unsubscribe' at anytime.

I want to be a Your Business Buddy member