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Acquire the best employee retention tools and stop losing your top performers to your competition. This package is full of employee retention strategies, and addresses the growing problem of high staff turnover. This package offers easy to use employee retention resources and engagement strategies. Some of the things you will discover include…

  • How to keep your best employees in your company for the long term. Hint: offering bigger salaries doesn’t work.
  • The tell-tale signs that employees are planning to leave soon. Should you keep or let them leave? What you need to do to make the right decision.
  • 10 secret reasons why talented staff leave your company. What you can do to keep them. Whatever you do, don’t offer them a bigger salary.
  • How to dramatically reduce the costs of recruitment and training new staff. Not one in a hundred employers knows this secret.

Part of using any effective employee retention strategies is ensuring that your managers are equipped with the right training and employee retention resources to manage retention effectively. Your managers are either importers or exporters of talent in your business. These employee management templates provide the framework for managers to be aware of, and proven retention strategy products to address retention in your business.

Some of the employee retention resources include….

  • The ‘Manager’s Conversation Guide’ for retention
  • Individual action plans for employees
  • Tools to measure staff turnover
  • Measuring and minimising risk
  • Employers Readiness Assessment

There are many employee retention strategies, including resources, employee management templates, scripts and tools.

And much more…

PLUS - You Receive Completely FREE:

Your Retention Bonus #1

The Staff Survey Pack (Valued $997) FREE

Ever wondered what your staff are really thinking? If you’d like to keep your superstars for the long term, it’s absolutely critical that you understand their needs and how they feel about their roles, their colleagues, and the company.

  • Existing staff can produce valuable information about the effectiveness your business systems and customers.
  • They will reveal areas or processes that could be streamlined that waste time and resources.
  • They can also provide very insightful suggestions and solutions because they’re on the front line everyday.

But how do you implement all these employee retention strategies? Well, the best and easiest way is to conduct staff surveys regularly. The best part is, it’s very easy to do and takes very little time. In this bonus pack you’re going to get ALL the templates I use for conducting staff surveys.
 Again, these templates are plug and play and instantly useable. 
Not only will it give you a good understanding of your staff, it will also give you new insights on how to improve your company growth.

And much more…

Your Retention Bonus #2

The Rewards & Awards Pack (Valued $695) FREE

Showing appreciation to your staff is a year long strategy, telling your people how much you value them and how much you appreciate their contribution to the business should be an ongoing and regular occurrence. In these uncertain times, you may find yourself looking for ways to cut cost and save money in your small business. But that doesn’t mean that rewarding your staff needs to stop.

We know now that the main reason staff leave is NOT financial so

In this pack you will receive…

  • Creative low cost / NO cost strategies to reward you staff
  • Fun ways to keep your team engaged and motivated
  • Tools that will generate an INSTANT boost in team morale

Again, ALL the templates, awards and strategies are provided!

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