Rave Reviews

Below are just some examples of what our client's are saying about Your Business Buddy's Recruitment, Performance and Retention products and services:

“Knowledge in an organisation begins and ends with people. The knowledge and experience that our employees bring to their work is probably the greatest driver of our organisation’s success. Prior to implementing these strategies to the business, we noticed certain areas within the Customer Service team that needed to be streamlined in order to achieve and realign with our business priorities.

After investing in the implementation of these strategies we quickly noticed a dramatic change in our work culture, the team's motivation, productivity and flow in the day to day running of the team. The strategies and systems were comprehensive, practical, quick and easy to use for fast noticeable results.

These strategies really aligned our business needs with the activities in the team. Within 30 days we noticed a significant increase in motivation and engagement both within our team and in the quality of interaction they were having with our customers as well.”

Heather Crosbie
Director, RMIT Publishing

“We have been successfully implementing Julie’s Business strategies for years at QCS and in that time we have enjoyed increased staff performance, revenue growth and we have recently celebrated 3 years running in BRW’s Fastest Growing 100 companies in Australia! Having ready-to-go people and business management strategies for my business meant that I had time to focus on growing my business knowing that my team's productivity was 100% aligned with my business needs, if you want to fast track your small business success, don't wait, Call Julie NOW!”

Roberta Faddoul CEO
Quantum Change Seminars

"By implementing these people management strategies, our Asia Pacific Business Implementation Team expanded throughout the region. As new members were sourced and managed through our selection process a great team began to emerge, and very soon their motivation and value to the organisation became clear aided by high impact performance management and retention strategies."

Trevor Lewis
Asia Pacific Sales Director, ACT Conferencing

"Hospitality is notorious for high staff turnover, by implementing these people strategies, we selected some of the most dedicated, hardworking staff members I've worked with, I could even take a night off sometimes knowing that my staff were genuinely motivated and that the job was getting done"

Manny Loupasakis – General Manager
Café Greco – Chapel Street

"I was very impressed with Your Business Buddy Packages. The guides and tools are very detailed, practical, and cover every area of people management from the selection and recruitment process right through to team development strategies in a user friendly format. I have saved thousands in recruitment costs by applying these simple strategies. What I appreciate most is the time and money I saved not having to create these tools and programs from scratch. Your Business Buddy packages are ideal for all your people management resources and I highly recommend giving them a call to discuss how they can help your business."

Gerardo Ceres
Managing Director, Relativity Films